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  • hey matt. i was wondering. your kits use uniballs and heims right? how well do those hold up for a daily driver? guys at my shop were saying dont use heims and uni's for a daily. but all the long travel kits ive seen have them. whats youre take on using heims and uni's for a daily
    It was a good day for a while haha. Started to lose power in the motor around mile 130, and at RM 3 on the second lap lost a CV. After that got repaired the motor would not start again. O well, that's racing... The car was feeling so good though and we passed so many damn cars that first lap haha. Hopefully at TT 250 we can have a clean race.
    hey matt what would one of your trophy 7200s cost? and whats the differance between it and householders truck?
    Hey I got your visitor message, but for the life of me cant remember where you know me from ? DR ?
    Yea we are racing. Drew first off the line which I am stoked for. My dad, Glen, and some of the letner posse went out and tested the car today and it is dialed. Feeling really good about this race.
    Car worked great... But, I made couple driver errors. Hit a burm about a 1/2 mile before the infield and put it on its lid, but luckily it tipped onto its wheels and did not lose to much time. Started catching back up when I got a flat and the socket broke. That took a while, but o well. Thats 3 podiums in a row now, and I think we got second in points. The car keeps getting better and better.
    Sorry to hear that. I'll call Nate on monday then. I was going to stop by and go over the prerunner and figure out where I'm going from here.
    still hating on S10's huh? yes, they aren't very easy to build, but can be done corectly with the right amount of money to spend i think.
    The car is great. We just did a test, about 2 weeks ago, and feel really confident good about it right now. Its ready to go at V2R.
    We just had baby number 4 and things are crazy right now....the car will be ready b4 I am to race. The only race that i am for sure gonna run is the Nov SNORE race. Mark and CJ are gonna run the 1000 the weekend after so i am gonna sit in the rightside seat and learn from them that one.
    I see your "Mr MF'N Coors Light and I raise you a Coors Light Mike (me), my nickname to many a bartender
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