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    Two New Shock MFG's

    no valve shims? i wonder how the slow speed valving is controled.
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    1450 Shootout article in OFF-ROAD

    the truck i race with has 15" single shock no air bump front, 23" coilover bypass rear, and 110 hp to the ground and we have no problem pulling competitive lap times. we will be moving to 1400 next season.
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    1450 Shootout article in OFF-ROAD

    you said it right here- "the way things are now, I'M being 'excluded' " there are no new rules. the linked, long travel faster guys are going to go to 1400 and race all the laps and the leaf spring, low travel trucks are staying in 1450 now my question is to you is, why are you not...
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    1450 Shootout article in OFF-ROAD

    if you arent racing then youre excluding yourself. next year 1450 will be the class for you. all the faster trucks will be moving to 1400.
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    1450 Shootout article in OFF-ROAD

    check out the 14 class driver profile section on this is exactly why we did this, so future racers can see where they will best fit when next season comes around. you can see what trucks will be racing 1450 and what trucks will be racing 1400.
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    Where can I get a 22" long 3/4" bolt?

    im guessing for this
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    Dirt Sports - July 2005 Issue

    who did the shoot? i heard it was trackside?
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    Official Baja 500 Live Weatherman Stream !!!

    Re: Weatherman Stream !!! lol i was just going to post that. you forgot the part where he said "in a dark closet with snakes and worms". im cleaning my room here and i just started laughing out loud when i heard that.
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    Official Baja 500 Live Weatherman Stream !!!

    Re: Weatherman Stream !!! thanks klaus. fyi i posted this information on dezertrangers as well.
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    thoughts about MORE race from 1450 guys

    my race weekend was not very good but for reasons that matt helton said, not MOREs fault. i was pretty disappointed to see some 5, 16, and 1 cars pit racing the night before the race and disreguarding the 15mph speed limit after all the hype on the internet before hand. did these cars get...
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    RDC Sightings

    ahh ok that is steves f150 not the race truck, cool stuff.
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    RDC Sightings

    can you scan that and post it please? that is my good friend jeremys truck that we race in 1450, thanks.
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    Cheating and sportsmanship, DG2

    my father has worked in the film industry for over 25 years or so. i have been around it since i was a baby...infact Mr. T pushed me around in a stroller on one of the A-Team sets (not much that is cooler than that :) ) almost everything you see on tv or on the big screen has some elements...
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    Dust to Glory commercial

    i saw it during the first commercial break of saturday night live.
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    Crucial D2G Information!!

    so i was watching SNL tonight and during the first commercial break was a commercial for dust to glory. i thought it was pretty cool to see it during a slot like that.