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  • Cant believe it, i just gave you rep points for Skilton post.

    Question please. Did you used to live on Topanga in woodland hills, and before that up near or on the golf course in that same area. If so, i remember talking to you when you raced a buggy of some sort, maybe a 1/2 1600 or something.
    Hello Dave, I didn't know I was your idol until you posted it the other day. That makes me feel very special as I did not know I had a one man fan base. I only hope I can regain your respect to continue being your idol. That would really be awesome. Best of luck and keep up the great work, you can win any race if you just think positive.

    Originally Posted by mawtrophykart: Rudy Iribe..you were one of my idols when I started racing....
    I am not saying anyone cheated, but if you call out Geisers and RPM shouldn't you call out Robby Gordon(He, after all is Speed Energy and it is on all their trucks)? Or are you meaning he also is a cheater? Just trying to understand why you called out the Geiser's.
    Really Dave get over your self as you can see no buddy likes you on here and every buddy thinks your a damn lier and I don't care about my rep level
    i just want to wish you the best of luck in the race dave. i've always admired your tenacity, hard bark and your opinions. again, good luck man.

    You still the "Rx" guy? Dunno what the purpose is for "C" ... I'm on the downhill leg of a ** OOH LA LA****[IMG] OOH LA LA****[IMG] OOH LA LA****[IMG] OOH LA LA**-pot-full of Pb103 pellets in the prostate.

    Forgot to comment but I gave an up rep for the cool comment about the fuel
    Thanks a lot. I was at lothringers this weekend. Your car looks nice and shiny ready for battle.
    I hit the wrong button for your rep. It should be negative. I dont feel the same way as you about the McMillins.
    I am a horrible multi-tasker...school is the game until 2010. HOPEFULLY there will still be racing when I am done!
    You have lost it, at laughlin 07 you run off track and the officials put berms and piles of dirt so you don't cheat so what do you do ? go farther off track to go around the jumps and piles of dirt. This was repeated for 3 laps as the piles of dirt and berms got farther from the track . Finally you get on the same track that the rest of the racers were on . Score had no balls on that one you sould have saw the black flag . Then you do the same thing at the BAP race and get DQed , then again at the buffalo bills 400 race in front of most of main pit you do it again . Try staying on the marked track and not ***** when you get penalized for cheating
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