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    Driver for hire

    If any teams need a last minute driver lmk. Your driver gets sick, injured, 5150, or backs out, give me a ring. I have a little experience, taught Eugenio how to drive, Taught dan200 woodworking, taught Fishdood how to fish, taught Welchel how to eat. Easy to get along with, have own chase team...
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    Tony Teller Tips?

    get to work Tony!
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    Fundraiser for Coco's Corner truck

    If you talk to the Ensenada old timers, CoCo was ran out of town for Child molesting.
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    Who Makes the Best 6100 Chassis?

    I can honestly tell you which 6100 truck not to buy.
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    COPS new spec truck

    I think I would of told the codriver to put the battery in his lap and strapped a tire on the roof and raced on! Would've down anything to get out of that 40 degree hellhole but transmission cooler lines ripped out.
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    COPS new spec truck

    We had just gotten the truck from John @ RM 230. We went appx 10 miles on the Hwy then on to the dirt, a couple miles in a cyn then doing around 60 on a completely flat whoop less section everything went black. Pulled vehicle to the side of the track,tried switching fuel pumps, then batteries ...
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    COPS new spec truck

    CASPINO drove that trucks ass off!
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    Drugs and TTs?

    I heard it was Caspino's, but he has a Medical Card
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    Race Wins Over Championships

    In sponsorship, championships weigh in heavier than race wins.
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    Baja 1000 map

    Does anyone have a link to the b1k course download? Can't find it on Scores website(Which I think is A horrible website) Thanks.
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    Oscar Ramos Jassen passing

    May the Race Gods be with you Oscar. You wear a really nice person who always cared about our safety.
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    When is it safe to unbuckle?

    something I forgot to mention was all vehicles should have belt cutters within reach.They actually make belt cutters that attach to the belts.
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    When is it safe to unbuckle?

    Simulator sounds like a great idea-should be in tech and every racer should go through a rollover drill at least once a year, may sound silly but in our sport anybody can race if the have the $.A lot of racers are complete rookies. I know when I raced CORR you had to go through a class taught by...
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    When is it safe to unbuckle?

    A couple years back the General chase team pulled up to their vehicle in Borrego and everyone unbuckled right before the chase truck stopped and were instantly involved in a devastating head on with massive injuries. I rolled my 1600 at Laughlin during practice, a very dusty day w all classes...
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    R.I. P. Opee

    It is with great sadness to report a true Baja champion has died. Opee had over 10,000 race miles and I was blessed to watch him win the Baja 500. Opee spent his retirement working with autistic children. Vaya con Dios Opee.