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    Kurt Caselli RIP

    One of the very few riders who can be called a legend or hero of the sport with no hyperbole whatsoever, and I don't think we've seen half of what he would have become. He was an absolutely phenomenal rider, but more importantly, a stand up guy, you can't help but root for, and respect him. Rest...
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    Because ROLLING your race truck once is too mainstream...

    Good example of doing everything wrong. I can't be the only one who expected it to roll again as soon as they got back to the course though... Mexgamer, you are correct, to a point. If you have a neck injury, you need to move/be moved as little as possible. An injured party needs to be...
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    SST at LA Coliseum

    Went, and had a great time. Sure there's tons of room for improvement, but I went hoping for some good entertainment, and that's what I got. My only real issue was the stupid draw for pole, was a bit lame IMHO that Robby just happened to be the one awarded pole by an RC car body, then lead flag...
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    40 Years???

    Put me down for a "Richard Cranium" shirt
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    2012 offroad swapmeet

    So who's got the best deal on Red Bull right meow? Planning on leaving the house at 4 on Saturday and rockstaring it to do some wheeling and dealing, don't actually need anything other than a sweet open-face helmet, but I'm always buying random junk if it's a good deal, mainly going to catch up...
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    Vertical MIG welding suggestions???

    Yes it absolutely will. Welding vertical with upward progression will always penetrate better than downward. You're putting far more heat into the material by moving upward. Do you need to in offroad fabrication, not really. Most material used in offroad can be welded downhill just fine, but you...
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    BJ Baldwin leaves General Tire for 2"?

    All this talk about 2", anybody ever heard "It's not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean"? Who cares if they make a 44" tire, if they don't perform the way they need to, they're a crappy tire to race on. Without BJ's input, we can speculate all we want, but he may have simply been...
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    Which Lowrance? hds-5 vs elite 5m

    If you want to save a few bucks and buy used, I can help you out there. Between the HDS and the Elite, I'd go for the HDS because it's going to function exactly the same as the 480. No learning curve. If your co-dog is already used to the Elite in your chase truck, it may be a different story.
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    New Designed 2012 Predator X-18S

    40k for a brand new SCORE legal race car really isn't bad. Weren't TLs 50ish when they came out and not SCORE legal. Sure they have the series and the cash purse, but all the cash in the world doesn't help if you want to race the 1k and don't have a SCORE tag on your chassis.
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    Housing alignment bushings

    I wouldn't use DOM, unless you can have it ground prior to use. It's never straight, it's really close, but if I roll a piece on the granite table, I can always find "big" bends in it. long alignment bars are nice for a fixture, you clamp both ends into some pillow blocks and you can rotate the...
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    Housing alignment bushings

    Mittler Brothers has what you need Any monkey that's halfway decent on a lathe can make the pucks pretty fast, getting the alignment bar can be tricky, if you have an industrial...
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    Tube welding preparations

    I'd bevel it and leave a gap roughly the width of your filler wire and weld it up. You'll get good penetration and a strong joint. For bonus points, use an overlay plate on the butt weld, if it wraps a corner, grind the weld down, break-form the overlay plate around the corner and weld it up.
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    Are there too many LIMITED Truck classes or is it just me?

    There are way too many. The buggy dorks have too many classes as well IMHO, but not nearly as bad as the trucks. There are what, 138 truck classes now? It would be great it they all got at least 15 entries per race, but most of them are 1 guy who found or created a class that nobody wants to...
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    I'm running some custom fuel filter housings that use Wix 24004 elements for the post filter, got a deal on them and would like to use them as pre-filters too. The Wix 24004 is the same element as the big Aeromotive filters use. So my question is, who makes a 100 micron stainless element...
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    1400 / 1450 class rules for HDRA

    What about Kaiser Daren style forward sliding doors, and suicide doors? Can't edit my first post, so here's another one, there was a message at the top asking me to post more anyway. All of your issues were perfectly addressed by the MDR rules and "Gentleman's Agreement", I'm just quoting...