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  • Hey we got your email about our Mason Motorsports 7200 truck for sale. We went to replay to your questions. But it comes back as a bad email address and wont let the message send?

    Is there another email address you want us to send the information to?

    question, how much are you going to ask for the king jack your taking to the swap meet. any chance of buying it before the swap meet? 619-520-4282 mike thx
    so, since you're back in the car....bring that baby to a SNORE race. would get some great competition and the organization is great.
    5 car for sale...? maybe...its old school though. Killer motor with only 500 race miles on it since complete re-build. This car has only been race 3 times since complete overhaul 1st place V2R 07 / 2nd place Parker 08 / 1st place MORE ORAF 500 (Eleven 5 cars started)

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