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  • No, no website. And, I don't advertise. All my business is strictly through word of mouth.

    Regarding FPSS, I sell the unit with the mating connector for $80ea. I have them manufactured in Australia to my specifications. The manufacture has been mfg/providing a similar unit designed for a less harsh environment for over 20-years. To date, I have sold over 500-units and to my knowledge, not one has failed when properly installed.

    If you provide me a proper email address, I will send you the data sheet and you may review it. Sorry, RDC does not allow documents to be attached to PMs or I would attach it here.
    hey i was wondering if you know of where i could get a white vinyl california 200 memorial sticker from.. I have donated to fast aid already and have bought 5 stickers but am looking for some more like in the picture you posted in the forum of the white vinyl one. Let me know if you might have any info on this.. Thanks again
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