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  • wassup marc, how u doing, the new front end on the sport track looks killer. tell ur dad great job at the 1000, i tracked him the whole time from over here in saudi, im here working for a year. cant wait to see u guys, and do some racing. hey i rolled my truck the weekend before i left, have ur dad fix it and u can race it, im serious. well i will talk to you soon, all it needs is a new cab and to remount the bedsides, and its ur to drive my friend. tell ur family i said hi
    We have a special seat we make that will fit in the back better. its not as wide as the normal ones and also isnt reclined as much as the other seats so it will fit up against the cab closer and give you a little bit more leg room.

    I have a 1996 ford ranger and am interested in putting a 3rd seat in it. I have talked to many people who have said that there just isnt enough room in the cab to do so. It is an extended cab. I have seen people with three seats in their rangers so i know it is possible. How do you go about doing it?

    thank you
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