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  • i was the one young when i first started. then cody reid was but he quickly moved to class 12. the first time i drove my car was about three years ago
    jajaja dude... ill be 18 the weekend after the race =] im not one of them old guys lol. and thanks dude
    well if you got any questions feel free to ask. and btw. welcome to the class nine familia. you have taken the new youngest class 9 driver spot lol
    i know what you mean dude. lol its a win win situation. you get the experience and i get the co-dawg. but no big deal if i cant work. id rather give someone experience than just give a friend a ride.
    0ohh well im usally riding in a 1600 but ill be racin in december and i have a broken leg so cant ride in september but thanks alot for the offer if i ever am lackin ill hit u up if u dnt have rider but thanks
    are you driving or riding in someones car for them? or are you just there for pit support? the reason im asking is because im between co-drivers right now and i could possibly get you in my car for some experience if your up for it.
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