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    Doubt about LOORRS and LucasOilTV

    The biggest problem in the Midwest is a lack of big name sponsors to support the series. Until that happens it will just be more of the same. New ownership every two years or less. If you look back at the early days of TORC they had Amsoil, Ram Trucks, KMC Wheels, Oakley, Red Bull and TRAXXAS...
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    I want to change my Screen name

    Thanks Klaus!
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    I want to change my Screen name

    Please change my Screen Name to ME Motorsports
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    Crandon International, Bark River and ERX Motor Park Withdraw from TORC Series

    That letter tells us nothing! I just don't understand how long they think they can continue to string teams along. People need answers so they can plan their season!
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    Las Vegas Race Teams?

    Headed out to Las Vegas for vacation and wanted to know if any race teams do tours of their shop? Would love to tour a shop while out there! Thanks,
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    Crandon Feedback for Track

    I agree with the security issue. The track needs to a better job. Also can you please water the roads in the campground down. The dust gets really bad during dry weather (unlike Saturday) Please pave the area near the small walkthrough gate by the Redbull tent anytime it rains that area is a mess.
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    On Topic Crandon Racers

    Great News!!!! Hope Rob Mac and a few more make it!
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    That grudge will die when the TORC series dies and LOORRS is left standing alone. Sad but true...
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    Well the Chicago race answered your question!
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    As much as I love this series I agree I think it is on life support. Each year we loose top sponsors and teams and a series can only sustain that for so long. And this new rules package is not going to have the outcome TORC was looking for. I think we will need to wait and see what kind of...
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    What are the 2017 rumors?

    Word is Redbud could be back on the schedule for TORC in 2017 and two races at ERX! I hope both of these turn out to be true!
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    LOORRS - Bench Racing - Info - Media

    Was really hoping LOORRS would have the Wheatland, MO race around spring or fall Crandon so the teams could make both the TORC race and the LOORS race. Guess not.
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    Crandon World Cup - Red Bull Signature Series

    So lets talk about CJ's wins. How is it that NO other UTV could come close to his speeds? Every restart he just walked away.
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    Crandon World Cup - Red Bull Signature Series

    I know this young man quite well and can tell you first hand how heartbroken he was when we got up Monday Morning to leave and pack up and found his doors missing. Not how you want to end what had been to that point an amazing weekend. I do want to give a HUGE shout out to Bobby Runyan, Eric...
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    Crandon World Cup - Red Bull Signature Series

    Here are a few things I think the track also need to address. IMO their was no way near enough portable bathrooms around the track this year. There were only 7 behind the grandstands where in the past their were twice as many. Their was also not enough in the campgrounds. They need to start...