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    I've been out of the loop on details for close to 10 years. What happened to pro lite? I know they initially had crate V8s to try to rein in the cost of the 4-cylinders. Then the Dodge motor was dominate with no ability/interest to level the playing. Is pro 2 now cheaper to run than pro lite?
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    Results - 26th Forest County Potawatomi Brush Run, GreenpowerUSA, United States - Official Event Results, MYLAPS Speedhive Disappointing truck counts in pro lite and pro 4. Rhonda's back?
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    Hot pit vehicle, pro 2.

    You don't need much for a pit vehicle for short course. The races are so short that any repairs beyond changing a tire or removing a damaged body panel aren't likely. A couple tires, a jack, impact wrench, hand tools, etc. is about all you need.
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    I don't think "scared" would have anything to do with it. It would be great to see but it's an awfully quick turnaround from Bark River to Wheatland. Even if the trucks were unloaded last night they would need to be loaded back up by Wednesday or Thursday. I don't know what sort of normal...
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    I see Jay Schaefer and Andrew Carlson are added to the Pro2 field. Schaefer said his truck is a converted Pro4. How can you do that? I thought Pro4 didn't have a standardized chassis+suspension. Unless the P4 was built on the P2 standard... Am I wrong about the chassis standards? Which P4...
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    Leduc or Greaves

    Now let's hope Johnny and CJ head west for a weekend to see how they do on the short tracks. I still think Kyle's the man on those tracks. Anyone know when Bryce's new truck is hitting the track?
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    Leduc or Greaves

    Did Kyle get into the back of Keegan in turn one? I saw Keegan get squirrelly and then he pulled off a turn or two later. Maybe broke something from landing sideways on the front stretch? CJ is supposed to se his new truck with a manual transmission today. Who else uses a manual transmission...
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    TORC 2015 Drivers Pro2 Pro 4

    What's the reason for all the secrecy about who is racing? Who does it benefit? Not the racers. They all know who will be there. There are only so many engine builders, transmission builders, fab shops, fiberglass body builders, mechanics, etc. The racing community is too small to keep...
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    Frozen Rush Goes Head to Head in 2015

    Hord has a Douglas-built P4, right? Make sense he's not one of the trucks Douglas is prepping as he certainly has the capability to prep it himself. Is Douglas building and prepping P4s for Deegan and RJ for 2015? Or just rentals? I know he has at least one back up that Menzies raced last...
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    Frozen Rush Goes Head to Head in 2015

    Douglas, Hord, and ??? What is Ricky Johnson driving?
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    Modified Trophy Karts Race at Crandon

    I'm surprised the mod karts are there when they're trying to get the short course karts off the ground. Is the thought that they will generate interest in kids kart racing that will then drive people to buy the short course karts as a local and cheaper alternative?
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    Crandon - What to Watch For

    I DVR'ed the Saturday races tonight and I noticed Johnny has the Forest County Potowatomi sponsorship on his door in addition to Monster. Did I miss this at previous races? Is FCP getting back in?
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    Rob "Fig" Naughton steps away from short course off road.

    You're a class act Rob - great talent behind the wheel and also a man who has his priorities straight. Good luck!
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    Jeremy McGrath no longer with Stronghold

    Just to be clear, I'm not blind to the realities of racing. This is not a meritocracy. We can all name talented racers who deserved better support and big names and family members who didn't deserve the support they were getting. Really, what does "deserve" mean though? Stronghold is far...
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    Jeremy McGrath no longer with Stronghold

    I would have thought everyone realized it wasn't all about winning with Stronghold when they let Rob Naughton go and signed Twitch.