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  • got the 94 1000 like 4 hours of racing if you are interested, let me know, saludos.
    sorry for the late response. the truck is a camo ish look, black, silver, and grey. 6 lights on the roof. and it has a big maxxis sticker over the back fender. hope this helps.
    I dont have a web site but ill look later tonight for the pics, describe the truck to me colors? Stickers? How many lights?
    I saw your post with pis from the 08 night race. I was wondering if you had a link to the whole album? I am interested in seeing it to see if there a few pics of my brother and I racing our old truck. is my email, our truck number was 1488 or 1408 that race. not sure.

    Thank you, hopefully you have some pics of us.
    Hey Pete, your ST built shocks for the 12 car are going to be ready for testing this weekend... how's the rest of he car look?
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