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    its a dream

    Looks great so far! That swapmeet is a desert gearheads dream come true..
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    Vildosola parts ways with Red Bull

    I was under the impression the Vildosola team had already cut back on their sponsorship deal with redbull years ago, maybe now its all 100% over. And the Vildosola family as far as i know is the main transporter for toyota from mexico into the US, and are not in the beverage business. You might...
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    Shock angles

    that sounds about right, you have to use a limit strap to catch the arm before the cv sees too much angle.
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    We had it made through roadrunner fiberglass out of Rosarito, needed tons of massaging to get it looking right but was worth it in the end.
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    Well its been a while since the car was finished, and tested. So far everything has worked very well, even the cooling on the car is on point. With the radiator behind the engine once concern was the lack of air flow, but seems to be just fine. Car needs some finish work but is ready for first...
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    What's the one dang job nobody wants to do??? (Prep work)

    Lets face all SUCKS! we are all gluttons for punishment, stress, and burning money........But in the end the few miles a year we get to drive/race/prerunn are well worth all the above. We slave and slave making our cars new, only to go and beat the poop out of them, only to bring them...
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    Justin Lofton Vegas to Reno ((VIDEO))

    that rear tire wobble....incredible footage of how much force these race cars put on their components.
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    How do you do notes during pre-running?

    I still think that the best way is muscle memory. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. How do you win in Baja? Pre-run, pre-run, pre-run! More mental notes, less booze, and more sleep....
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    Just a side note, size of bumper has nothing to do with rubbing tires, ask any buggy racer or open wheel road car for that mater. If you rub tires, someone is more than likely going for a wild ride, golf karts are no exception. .
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    Class 10 questions/differences in cars.

    Huge cost differences can be traced back to a handful of single components. For example transmission: Mendiola 2d, or Fortin 6 speed sequential.....huge price difference. Also rear hubs: Micro-stubs ...or full floater outbaord hubs....again huge price leap. Engine: fat toyota/honda......junk...
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    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    At the last code race, the 12 cars were going at it, WFO. First place 12 car was single seater, and first place 10 car was single seat 12 car. Here is some onboard of the first heat from last years champ.
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    CODE Gran Prix - New Course

    Congratulations to the RACING 905 team, which taken the win at all the CODE races this season in class 7. Aaron Celiceo owner of the truck drove both heats and held off the competition and pulled off the win, great job guys.
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    On Topic Vehicle Nicknames

    The Vessels/Gordon/Coyne ford tt was is Rosanne? Other BJ truck is Fedor? Herd the old a-arm leduc jeep cherokee tt was Tank??
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    CODE Gran Prix - New Course

    I am surprised no news of how the new course is, by now there would have been tons of prerunning.
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    Your right, I keep forgetting the 35 is lighter....By the way Rory I am a huge fan of your work, and your cars. We should do beers sometime....