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  • im filtering through a lot of footage and could slap a myers video together for 10 buck any interesst still a few weeks any but i have some good stuff of your car with pics too
    Get the car ready and be at the night race this weekend!!!!!!!! I am bringing out my car from the 500, zero prep, just hosing it off and coming out to the race this weekend! BRING IT!!!!!
    YESS!!!! Setup your car STIFF, especially in the rear. The holes and ruts at BAP on sunday will be huge, if you just leave the car set up for PC racing you will SLAM into every hole. This is a race where you want the car stiff to be able to charge and hit a hole hard, and not slam into it. You may take a little bit of a harsher ride in the little stuff but threw the big woops you will be thankful for the stiff car! Then you will dance right by people who are slamming and kicking in and out of the big holes!
    dude hook me up with that neth car. i onced had a single seat neth car. would love to scoop up that car from you.
    Had a great time camping with you guys at the dash. Are you really not gonna race MDR next season? Better for me I guess... :(
    jajaja kinda. been workin all summer and my application for vet school is due Oct 1st. Plus it was river season... I eat, breathed and lived RIVER!
    No worries. figured it was time to let you have a win. :) You need to start the next one, i felt bad kickin your dads ass. hahahaha j/k. hey i heard that I need to thank you guys for some bolts. Not sure when we got them from you. I was in and out of the car like 6 times that night.
    Sweet pic in SD off road!!! :D :D :D :D Color and all to show that neon paint job!! Would you like me to grab you a few copies??
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