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  • i told you to stop stealing from our playbook! hahahaha. tell your daughter good luck! I dont know exactly when we are getting down there. I have a final on fri 1-4, then sam and I are hauling the enclosed full of my furniture back down to SD that night. so prob will be up all night and make it to PC sometime sat morning..... effin story of my life.
    hahahahha. You mean you could hear the motor over andy runnin his mouth in your ear?
    we should all pit together I already promised gabby jager bombs :)
    highly doubt it. You may have passed my boyfriend in a car with a dying motor but there is no way you are getting past me!!!!!!!
    what pass?!!!!! I never saw a pass? :) sorry to hear about the bad luck, silt sucks for that exact reason. Im really dying to get back in the car.
    I will be there Friday evening I get off work at 5... so maybe around 8 or 9 I should be there :) You guys heading out Thursday?
    Well his phone number was on my truck for like six months so im pretty sure anyone in el cajon/alpine could have his number... dont feel special..... ahahahahahaha j/k
    I know man 2 more weeks!! I want to see the new paint job!!! :D :D Hey I'm glad to help out... if I'm going to be there anyways I might as well help someone out... :D
    Are you guys ready for KOTD?? :D I should be down there to cheer you on!! oH and I guess I can keep time for you too :D
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