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  • How was WHAT!???! :D I didn't go to the drive race because my Xterra was having issues so I sold it :D I'm off the the MINT this weekend-I will bring back LOTS of pics and stories!! I hope Paige is better... Jane posted on Facebook that she was sick :(

    Whens the next desert trip??
    Woo hoo we are friends!! Check it YO! So I here you guys are going for points in MORE :D Win some dude!!! I wish I could go and be your FAN!! :p
    hey man, hows it going? i'll be there pitting for 990 and 965, do you guys need a hand? are you guys racing the mint?
    I have to go out of town on a buisness trip, so I have to sit this one out. We're planning to bring the 16 car to the October race though.
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