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  • right on! Havent talked to ya for a while! Hit me up when you got time!
    No Parker...well, maybe!!! Def. going to BAP and then who knows, gotta take a two month "vacation" if you will startin the 2nd of bad!!!! Glad to hear you're still around and doing good work!
    Haven't seen you posting recently, everything cool with you?

    Hope you're well bro!

    OMG, that is freaking awesome! I'm probably one of the biggest Subie Girls you will ever meet. I'm on my second Subaru, and I used to work and was sponsered by Vishnu Tuning. Needless to say... I am extremely jealous!!! If you ever need a subie girl to help at the shoots, you know where to go! jajaja!
    We haven't actually talked that much here on RDC but readin your spars with Pat are pretty entertaining, keep it coming!
    I have both Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 and Pinnacle Studio 10 & 12. Both are super beginner programs but that is ok....I am a beginner and I dont intend to change, all I want is to document our races in a summarized way.
    If copyright wasnt an issue, what would the best song for offroad would you recommend? This is a house video and I dont think AC/DC would mind :D
    Hey Mike,
    Sup bro...I am doing a home video of our last race, since everyone on the team is a Baja Flo fan, I would like to ask you a question: What is the name of that effect when you change scenes and you brighten up the whole screen? It is so cool and I have seen you use it several times, especially in the bajaflo 3 intro
    Thanks Mike
    hey Dude... Ill be rolling into town thursday night.. if you arnt busy lets go back to that sushi place we went to! that was was bomb!
    LOL yes I was being serious... still new to the video end and trying to increase my collection... that's why I said it was probably a silly question :eek: Can you direct me to where I would be able to purchase your videos please :)
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