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    1993 Ranger EEC pinout

    I would suggest the Factory EVTM (Electrical & Vacuum Trouble Shooting Manual). You can get them on ebay for $10-20. They have the pinout of EVERY connector on the truck. **EDIT...
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    Where to get raw round bar stock polyurethane. . .

    How many bushings do you need? And/or what are the sizes of the bushings that you need to make?
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    Off road wheelchair!?

    There are a variety of companies that make "Beach Wheel Chairs". A quick google search will turn up a variety of options and prices.
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    Blitzkrieg Dana 44 TTB spindle upgrade?

    From what I've read/heard, the stock D44 upright is the weak link in that whole package and pretty much anything is stronger than it. And no, I moved back up to Orange County for work.
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    Blitzkrieg Dana 44 TTB spindle upgrade?

    Andy, we have the 2WD ranger to D44 spindle and they are an amazing piece of work - very similar to the fullsize version too. Edit** They seem to be holding up just fine too, although the truck hasn't been able to get a ton of hard miles on it since we them on. (Sorting out other issues, no...
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    GOOD LED Flashlights

    The actual Mag-Lite branded LED bulbs are pretty good, the others are junk. I have a couple LED mags and they are much brighter than an incandescent one, and I have yet to change the batteries on one. Sure there are smaller/lighter packages available, but I kind of like the larger club-like...
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    Safety wiring on Off-road vehicals

    1. You can drill your own fasteners, there is relatively low stress in the head of the bolt. If you can find the fastener you need with the heads pre-drilled, buy them, they save a lot of time. 2. 1/16" 3. Use the jig i posted a link to above, it makes life very easy and you rarely brake drill...
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    plate bending

    Greg, try Elite they should be able to do it, and CRAIGHALL is the person you are thinking of.
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    manual transmission behind v8

    We're currently installing a TKO600 behind a 302 in ranger with a McLeod SFI bellhousing. We got the 0.82 road race version for the exact reasons that are mentioned above. We also have the large 1350 output u joint.
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    Safety wiring on Off-road vehicals

    This is the jig that you want, makes life pretty easy.
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    Safety wiring on Off-road vehicals

    In my opinion it is not optional on brake, hub, and steering components. That new Alpha car is taking it to the next level with safety wire on the battery boxes. It takes a lot of extra time, but shows that the person doing the prep is not taking any shortcuts.
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    prerunning with a tool box

    Brian, I have a set of "CLC Pit Crew" roll ups that I found at ORW for cheap (~$10), I've been looking for another one but ORW doesn't seem to have them anymore. Mastercraft makes some pretty nice ones too. We fit everything we need for a Mexico trip into 2 Mastercraft canvas bags which are...
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    Best Hang-Over remedy

    Drink a sports recovery drink (Endurox, etc) before going to bed. A glass of water on top of that doesn't hurt either.
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    BJ Baldwin VS Robby Gordon B1K 2007 Video

    Wow, some of the most impressive footage I've seen.