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  • Congratulations on your new baby boy. There is no greater gift than to be a dad. I hope Liam gets to go home VERY soon.

    Kind of an emotionally charged night on my end. While the heartbreak is so raw for us, I really can find peace in your happiness. Small distractions and hearing happy stories like yours are helping get through this day.
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    We got to bring Liam home from the NICU today. Exciting and stressful all balled into one.

    I hope things are going a little better for you. You are in my thoughts.
    BoothPacific Films
    BoothPacific Films
    Really nice to see the photo of you and Liam. Knowing he's home is a good feeling.
    I have a question about some torn CV's I got. I saw you posted in another thread,

    "boots are WAYYYYY overrated ..... just leave them off , smear the CV's with a healthy dose of Prolong and be done with it!!"

    Can you elaborate a little more with that? What about dirt/sand/mud getting all over the needle bearings? Are you talking about the Prolong EP 2 grease? Thanks in advance!
    Hey I misread your message ... YOU FOUND IT dadgum I wish I could of been there ... bitchen ..
    Thanks for the tip. However, I wished to respond to each poster individually to address, clearly and adequately, each point raised and I also wanted to add a little more fuel to the "hot topic" flames as I believe this issue will do more to affect the future of off road racing in California, if not the whole country, than any other economic or environmental issues the sport faces.

    I am very troubled by the apparent selfishness (it's OUR desert, with the implication users have more rights to ownership than non-users, even though public lands belong to ALL Americans; the "outta my way, I'm a big time desert racer" attitudes, etc., etc, etc, yaaaaaaaaaaah) that seems to permeate this board.

    I note that no truly "big time racers" have commented much beyond Ivan Stewart's observation: "It was inevitable." (broadcast last August on ABC News)
    yeah. we always worry about the trip over the hill to ojos. the fans are squirrels and there's alot of attrition. once we clear ojos it's just a worn out course full of mini whoops and twisty parts til RM 77. i hope the tt's knock the tops off the whoops on the old road for us. that section is brutal on limited cars and trucks and i hope our foxes live. if we can make it through our section to puertocitos where we switch off in decent shape and still ahead or close to it in class, we're as good as anyone i hope. i think there's a protruck right behind me though. we'll have to use treachery i'm afraid. ja ja. we're at the hotel mision santa isabel where irc is headquartered. rm # 101 to 104. stop by if you feel like it after contingency. we hafta get our yearly cage inspection because we snoozed so we're gonna try and get through it early in case we forgot our roll cage or something and have to fix something for the dictator savage.
    thanks mike. things are so screwed up right now getting ready for this race. and it's more organized than ever. the racetruck is prepped and ready but we had to buy a new[er] chase truck after the old one puked an engine last week and we're trying to put together a decent chaser at the last minute. it's coming together pretty good and we'll be heading down tuesday night...are you ready buddy? good luck and race smart. respect.rs
    Hey Mike. Can you send in your SCORE membership to Sue as soon as possible. Reid Rutherford is the driver of record #722 so we can do the express. I'll give you and Fish a call but get your membership in as soon as possible. If you don't have my cell phone number it is 714-412-1021.
    Thanks, Dana
    I saw a dodge truck with "Loomis" plates the other day on it, near Poway. any relation?

    Yo, I was watching Ultimate Factories on National Geographic channel and they were doing the Lamboghini factory and they followed the build of the Murcielago. Might want to check it out.
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