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  • Ok, we need to start a new thread to stop the hijacking of the snake thread. May I suggest, "The AWESOME list"?
    Sorry for stealing your lines. I will hook you up with some of my funny word definitions. In my defense, I did give you plenty of time before I decided to snake ya. I simply couldn't resist.
    I was youtubing it too...dammit

    I'm planning to see Indy 4 on Thursday, I'll have to get my copy later
    Whats the RDC discount on the 2004 Land Rover on the inventory page? Wife and I are going car shopping tomorrow!
    You obviously have some sort of diseased "GO ADVANCED" page that DR. Klaus should fix......
    Yeah.....that was a funny story...If you were a hot chick I would say that was a story telling our Grandkids...lol
    Thanks Mike
    Thanks for the birthday message. Not stalking per se, just following other links through reputation points and ended up at your profile. The new upgrades do have some interesting features.
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