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  • Quote Originally Posted by MIKE S

    "Read the first line in the first post. Mark talk to Roger about this before starting this tread, I think it will be hard to say that this was all rumors."

    Not taking Mark to task, he posted no rumors, asking if anyone has seen anything besides the SCORE p/r released by Dom late Friday.

    It's posted and quoted in the thread earlier if you care to read it.

    Who do you think you are? Mister Man?

    (BTW: I'm a product of the IE, so "Don't tell ME what to do!"

    And I used to be a broadcaster, so "Don't you know WHO I am?")

    Now I await your Emily Latilla act of contrition.

    Great footage from Parker. You got me on there passing you towards the end (class 5/1600 pulled over with you). Funny, i have the footage from behind, you have it from the front. I'll post mine when my buddy gets it done. Thanks for posting.
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