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  • The only way I am selling my idea is if the buyer agrees to keep the product name "Internet Pissing Match Alarms" lol Thanks for the rep! :)
    Ha Mike it's been a while, hope everythings going good. It would be great to see you guy's come out to Glen Helen where the entry fee is good and the payback is right, it's alot of fun for the family and friend. Take Care!
    Mike, been good ,staying busy so can't complain. I'm sure you heard the whole story of the manifold thing from George. I'll have to tell you the real story and if you want one I have them cheap. I have all the good dirt on all those guys. Between U and I, ofcourse. have a safe and fast practice. Ohh I have the parts to make those also available, so if you need some to try, let me know.
    Thanks for the note! Thanks for your post too! All the bits of education make my day at the races so much easier!
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