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    2020 BITD Vegas to Reno - Race Updates and Info

    Let's at least start with enforcing no passing in the pits. I personally saw a 6100 pass another vehicle right in front of our pit. While I didn't have a radar gun, I'm pretty sure he was speeding while passing. The other truck wasn't obviously going slow.
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    6122 Whipple Superchargers 2020 Vegas to Reno Recap race was boring compared to yours. Congrats on the solid finish after all of those obstacles! BTW, be sure to share that video :)
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    6100, TTspec, Baja Truck only thread

    Well, I figured I enjoy reading your stuff so much that I would contribute a little. Trans is out for inspection. Haven't heard back. That's pretty funny that the fence made it that far! I was hoping I wasn't the only one. It kind of felt like a dipshit move. 😂
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    6100, TTspec, Baja Truck only thread

    I don't know about great stories, but it was one of those races for us. We were happy with a 9th place qualifying run. The truck ran great and everything felt like we were going to have a good race. We start the race and our comms go wacky about 1/2 mile in. The worst part is that everything was...
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    2020 BITD Silver State 300 Race Updates and Info

    If I recall, RacingTrax recently shortened the distance required for the PTP to signal on the vehicle in front to prevent the long distance issue. I still say its a great technology but people need to give others the benefit of the doubt until proven wrong. If someone jack rabbits you once, you...
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    2020 BITD Silver State 300 Race Updates and Info

    While we're bitching about PTP, I'll throw another one in there. Not only does it seem like no one acknowledges, but it seems like no one hits it anymore. Like you, Mike, I try to play by the rules. If someone catches me and lets me know they're there, I'm moving over - and I'll give everyone...
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    Let’s talk Silver State 300

    So, the pics aren't available until the drivers meeting on Fri evening?
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    2020 Toyo Tires Desert Invitational, tonight 9pm on ESPN2

    Kudos, @Dave Cole 4454 on a job well done. It was really fun to watch!
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    2020 Mint 400 class description

    Glad I saw your post. I registered a few weeks ago and I'm not sure if I missed this or if they have changed it since. I thought I understood that they were lumping them all together. Now...have to figure out how to resolve...
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    6122 Rage at the River 2019 Prep and race recap

    Always fun reading your write-ups, Mike! Keep it up.
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    6122 LDC day 2 2019 In car cam with audio

    All good info....thx! Catch you guys are Parker!
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    6122 LDC day 2 2019 In car cam with audio

    Hey, Mike...great video. What's your audio/video setup? I've never been happy with mine. Thanks
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    Parker 425 race video (pole position and 2nd place 6100)

    You and RJ crushed it! Congrats again!
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    So who has the time to write an off road protocol manual?

    Great idea. It seems that a Wikipedia page would be awesome. This way it could be compiled by the entire community making it much more thorough an much more likely to get done. It would also be searchable on the web so those new teams could find it more easily. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Mint 400 @@ PHOTOS @@ from Jean (not so) Dry Lake.

    Any of #6131 would be great!! Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk