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    E85 in Parker?

    Call Brian Busby Amber Racing Services/F&L Racing Fuel...949-870-5773.
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    10 year anniversary of the Parker Mud Bowl!

    I was Matt Cullen's co-driver in the F&L Class 10. The last lap was absolutely brutal. The car stalled and would not re-fire just after going under the highway to the finish. We had to push the car down that last asphalt section to the finish. Roasted CV's, pouring rain, muddy and exhausted...
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    Calamue/ Frog Canyon

    That's one of those love/hate sections. That place can be like Jekyll and Hyde...the prerun through there is always fun and an adventure. Then you hit it at night in the cold/wet/misty air and things become mysterious. I am convinced that's where Chupacabra's are from.
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    Join Amber Racing Services in support of Fuel Relief Fund in Florida

    Just a bump back to the top. There is a real need for help in Florida. Your donation goes directly to buying fuel to be given to people in need and agencies providing their services. Anything you can do is much appreciated. Thank you! Fuel Relief Fund team in Florida. The team is...
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    Join Amber Racing Services in support of Fuel Relief Fund in Florida

    Nothing happens without fuel! Please join Amber Racing Services in support of Fuel Relief Fund (FRF) in their efforts to deliver free fuel to the victims of Hurricane Irma. After providing relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, FRF is now on the ground in Florida...
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    2016 BITD Laughlin Desert Classic

    Is there any live tracking for the race?
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    Need A Used Trophy Kart Body

    I am looking for a used Trophy Kart body to use for testing/practice. My son will be running a JR2 in the Lucas Regional series this year. We have a new body on the kart right now, but I dont want to tear it up in practice while he's getting in some much needed seat time as a rookie driver. I...
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    Looking for Testing/Practice track this weekend

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I will see what I can come up with.
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    Looking for Testing/Practice track this weekend

    We are looking for a track to test a couple buggies (Super Buggy, Limited Buggy, and maybe a TK) this weekend. Glen Helen is not available. I cant seem to get a hold of anyone at Lake Elsinore. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks, Mike Lombardi F&L Racing Fuel
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    Baja 1000, anyone still coming north on H1?

    My new iPhone 5 was stolen while parked on the side of Highway 1 at Santa Rita (approx. KM 157). Some kids came up to the trucks to look and get stickers as usual. I noticed my phone was missing and the kids had suddenly scattered. We were able to catch up with the kids and one in particular...
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    Race Radio and GPS in Raptor

    I am looking for examples of what has been done for installs of radios and gps in raptors. This will remain a daily driver and the install needs to be clean as possible.
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    San Felipe lost and found

    The F&L Racing Fuel prerunner lost a spare Wednesday between RM 30 and RM 58. It's a black Robby with a 35" project. If found please contact Mike at five six two 595 twenty six ten. Or post here. We are at the El Dorado condos right across from the trailer parking lot. Thanks.
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    Mobile Apps to Read Lowrance Files?

    The Motion-X app is great for sure. However...remember that the iPhone GPS is "assisted GPS" (I don't know about the Droid though). It does not have a real GPS receiver so it relies on a cell signal...which means...no worky too good in remote desert locations, aka Baja. It takes a little...
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    Class 10 number assignment

    MikeL...me...I put him on the list. It was early on in the discussion with not much being decided on the engine rules so I wanted to reserve the number just in case. It is not a committment at all to anything, simply just a number like many others on the list.
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    Baja 1000 winner??

    As hard as this is to post...here it is... CLASS 10 (Single or two-seaters to 1650cc)—1. Christian Hall, Bakersfield, Calif./Jerry Penhall, Costa Mesa, Calif./Mark Talla, San Juan Capistrano, Calif., Penhall-Chevy, 19:50:03 (35.54 mph); 2. Eduardo Mejia, Atlanta/Jeff Johnson, Bellevue...