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  • Hey Mike,

    Merry Christmas. Just checking in to see how things are going. Will you guys be running your 10 car at Parker this year? Fats and a friend of his have a Penhall 10 with an ecotech they are finishing up in hopes of making Parker. So we might be racing something. Probably pitting with Szlauko.

    I saw an old post of your 5-1600. The good ol' days. I am almost finished with mine. Prerunner or just a fun car. Not sure what I will do with it.

    Best wishes,


    Link below:

    Mike, i raced all but one of the pro desert races back in the day, I miss the org. why doent anyone race in rocky point anymore?
    I saw your profile picture and thought I'd tell you I watched Team America this morning for the 15th time.... ha. I love that movie. Hope all is well with you! I'm racing the snore laughlin race.
    Mike, get Dan on the phone. Martensen and Winters together. Fats and I would be at every race again and so would others. Jays days are numbered.
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