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    On Topic Who to get Mexican insurance with for the Baja 1000 ?

    I go through Baja Bound. I used HDI Seguros. This last time, I rolled me prerunner. Solo, no other vehicles. Mine was fairly straightforward, but still took the insurance a couple of months. I owned my prerunner, no lien holder. I've heard from other that had a lien holder, it takes a few...
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    Chassis tag

    The CHP just issues the tag for VINs. In this case it was for a special construction vehicle. There will be no year. The DMV then will issue a registration, either plated or OHV. There won't be real information on the vehicle, and if it has been out of the system for quite awhile, there will...
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    Motorsports Safety Solutions - Vegas to Reno Recap

    Give Grant my best. I'm currently on recovery for a shattered pelvis and both hips, so I know how Grant feels. May he get well soon
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    Bucket List; Prepping our vintage car for the vintage race

    The old cell did not have a bladder. It was a custom aluminum cell, most likely from the seventies. We never got an answer for using the old aluminum cell, so we went with a newer cell.
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    Bucket List; Prepping our vintage car for the vintage race

    The ammo can was on the buggy when we got it. Just there for storage.
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    VORRA closing shop!?!?

    I will be there on the 23rd.
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    MDR Settlement

    The fact is there was fault with the BLM, MDR, and the spectators. Rather then sue, the families of the deceased and the injured victims could have pushed for better regulations, training, improvements, etc. However, what did they sue for, MONEY. So rather than leading to something...
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    Will SCORE investigate the Caselli tragedy of errors?

    I don't necessarily disagree with you. However, I also want to keep desert racing affordable for all to race. I would gladly pay a few hundred extra per race for better tracking and emergency response. I know the Dakar entry is about 20k, but I'm curious what the actual tracking costs, so we...
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    Will SCORE investigate the Caselli tragedy of errors?

    Dan McMillin said it best, at what cost to the racers. The Dakar Rally has a great system, but the registration fee is extremely expensive. Coming up with en expensive solution will most likely make it too expensive to race for a lot of racers. RIP KC66!
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    Will SCORE investigate the Caselli tragedy of errors?

    I'm sure everyone involved did the best they could given the circumstances (remote location, poor radio coverage, etc).
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    Group T and Turbos

    I asked some of the guys that always race BITD about the eco boost and why it is allowed and we cannot run the super charger. While they have no say so in us running the super charger, the eco boost is allowed because the turbo is installed from the factory and sold as a factory item on the...
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    Shop Space In Sac.

    3B racing in Rancho Cordova area posted on they were renting out a spot in their shop. Not sure if its still available.
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    Who is going to the Night Vision 250??

    We'll be there racing the Total Chaos truck!!
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    Vorra night race next weekend Group-t side bet $$$$

    Looks like 4 for group T so far. We're racing and LaRoza said his truck will be there, so at least 6 trucks racing.
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    Vorra Yerington 300 May 25 - 27 Group-t side bet

    Exactly Sam! Our fuel line glitch cost us, and with no down time between the top 4 trucks, we couldn't close the gap between the leaders. That's racing though!!