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  • Haha thanks for the heads up man!
    And agreed, from everything I've heard/read the people over here are a little more strict.. But yeah, that's basically why I have 6? posts in like 4 years?? Too many big-wigs here.. But it also has some pretty knowledgeable people here too. But thanks for the heads up! =]
    Whatever dude. Come out to one of the real races and stop by our pit and introduce yourself. We're not bad guys regardless of what the kids at MDR think. I'll even buy you a beer, if you're old enough that is.
    I didn't do either also nor did I defend him. You brought it up and I commented to you and that was more geared towards your comment about MORE. Jim doesn't hate the 1400/1450 crowd. He hates all the childish, flatbiller, sic gnar gnar, 909 bro jackasses that follow the MDR racers. I'm not saying the racers are that. I was there at the "beer" incident were you? Fish pretended to do the same thing to Lloyd and I at the MDR Wall race, jumped out on course with a beer in his hand. He's still your buddy and you defend him right?
    Lay off Bob. You can post about him and make comments about MORE but I can't call you 12? I'll post what I want where I want.
    Aww thanks!~ Same to your pretty lil lady! Pirate 4x4 is like 110% behind Leah ... and she also had a day or two up on me.. I believe Mandy signed up a few days after me even... CRUNCH TIME!
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