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    Mcmillins again in Baja races?

    it takes brave people to come back after what happend to them
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    BMS M3 Mini Metal Project

    the truck looked great that the mint. isnt a tt just with out 2 clyinders. where did u place at the mint
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    SCORE class 4 - good/bad?

    i heard from savage he doesnt want to allow a bigger engine. but it does cost less then a race vw
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    hello my name is travis

    what up race dezert i fell in love with racing when i was 1. my dad is the one who got me in to race dezert i race a 12 car and a 7 open. i go to school and prep my 12 car.
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    thankyou 1622,916,1206

    thanks corey goin,kevin,rick poole, mike fulkner. hey i had a great time at the mint sorry i couldn't do much all u guy did great. when im older im still going to kick ur butts but still great job everyone. ya 1277 sorry that corey goin knocked the crap out of u 5 times and maybe that means...
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    hello my name is travis

    when i was 3 months old i went to my first race in barstow after that i fell in love with it. my dad paul sullivan has had a race dezert for a while and i just made one. i mess with a trick 12 car and one of the badest 7 opens (baja shop) you would ever see. when im old enough i'll ride in a 12...