i love being involved in the offroad racing world and i love how other people get so into it as well! the enviornment out there is so different, its like a whole another world on its own. Everyone is down to help one another, lend a hand, do a favor - everyone understands eachother in the offroad world and thats why its so fun to be apart of. I'm the 2nd generation of offroad racing in my family, and i certainly will not be the last-

racing offroad of course!
i love co-driving with my dad in his class one cars and i especially love driving my class 1100 Bobby Neth car in BITD, MDR, and MORE races.
my dad and i also love going to Glamis and having a fun time out in the dunes in his pre-runner dunebuggy, and going to the river is ALWAYS a blast too ;)
Irvine, ca
Alexa Bilek
Class I race in
BilekRacing.Com (1567 & 1167)
Favorite Race
BITD Parker 425
Favorite Race Driver
Daddy Bilek :)