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  • Welcome to the Penhall family. You'll be happy with the car. Can't think of any problems we've had with our since our first race (May '06) If it's a new car, Jerry's made the modifications we've run across over the past few years. We are dumping the LS7 motor (since we smoked it at Primm) and going back to an LS2 with modifications. We'll talk more!
    Just picked up a Penhall class 1 any help or info would be awsome cant wait to come race with you guys
    Hey hey, she's a good looking **BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME****BAN ME** of a prerunner. And yes, I think I'm ready and she's ready. Are you going testing with the boys tomorrow or when ever they're heading to Barstow? I got too much work going on to go.
    Hate when that happens! C-Moan, we'll be heading to Estero Beach (base camp) on Sunday (May 31st) Prerun Monday thru Thursday, so if you see the Missing Lenk car Friday at contigency(108) stop and say "Hey"
    Yep, that's exactly what it means!!! But I did my crime so I had to do my time, it was my own fault for being a fool. See you at the 500 (hopefully!)
    Yo Randy, give me some details on the prerun/hotel situation, I wanna be a part of this one big time and I need to know where me and Tracy are going to stay at, thanks!
    B1K is still up in the air... Our good friends are racing their 2nd race in their Class 1 at the 1000 and we were discussing race plans/strategy yesterday! If everything works out as discussed, YES I will be in Baja for the race! Otherwise, I will see ya out at Chula Vista for 3 days of racing action!~
    It was nice to meet ya!~ Hope you enjoy the vid! -- See ya at the races!--
    I think his name is Mike meyers, and they have three sons; Brent, Jamie, and Chris. Brent is the one who races with the father, the other two sons aren't too into the offroad racing as I've heard from the wife; Hoppy. I think they are class 16, maybe class 12. I'm not too sure. Well, I drive a silver accord. No stickers because my sister took off my sticker while washing my car. I need a sticker though! You can tell it's me because it has a rhinestone license plate frame! I'll be sure to wave/honk and smile!
    I live right by Hewes middle school! Right behind it actually. Funny how close we live to each other. Do you know the Meyer's? They are my neighbors, they race, but I think only in the Best in the Desert series. I know exactly where you live we are about 2 minutes apart! What a coincidence.
    If all goes well this time, we hope to see you guys before you even lite the fire. As for a tech time, I know it won't be early. You can try calling me Friday morning and I can give you a ball park. 714-412-3419
    Thanks. We want to get down to tech early so we'll probably leave OC around 5 or 6. I think we're going to go it alone. I think we'll be OK in the daylight on the highway the day before the race. Jimmy, Dale, Dave and I are camping at Erindira Fri night and Sat night. When you drive by there, just look for the idiots trying to jump the fire on XR 50s. Any idea what time you're going to tech on Fri? We'll try to stop by and say hi.
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