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  • Appreciate you sharing your Baja 500 knowledge. Send course files to greg@irontree.net
    Is the Sportsman shortcut indicated?
    Thanks, Greg
    Hey, can you email a copy of the Baja 500 GPS file? Either format works for me.


    Thanks for the intel!

    If ur patient you can find a great 12 car deal on RDC. Even asking other 12 car guys. If it’s here in California get ahold of me I will go check it out for you and send you a bunch of pics. ✌
    About the 12 car. More info would be helpful but I’m a class 12 racer just did the Baja 1000 and SanFelipe 250. I’m very honest. No the car isn’t worth 20k maybe 10 k for a fun play car. No bypasses on shocks? What brand? What trans? What’s in engine?
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