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    Cannister Style Filters

    Does anyone know what those donaldson filters run? I am looking to put one on a turbo 4.3L Chevy motor.
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    Wiring switches with ground

    I have heard this also, that it is really a much better way to wire items up, by switching the negative side. I also think that in a racing condition it would be much easier to fix a wiring problem if the accessories have power, all you need to give it would be a good ground. I asked the...
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    Although the above replies seem likely answers, from what I have been able to read much of the rioting is in the low-income areas especially the high rise projects. From what I can tell, the landlords have been neglecting the projects, and they are really bad!! go figure. Some people got fed up...
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    McMillin Trophy Truck?

    I didn't take the time to read all the posts, but I was leaving my office today, and literally ran accross this. Sorry for the bad picture, I was trying to drive, but is this the new truck? I can't upload the picture, can anyone help me?
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    Best lift spindles for a newbie poseur?

    Justin, what do you mean by a little trimming? I had to cut about 2" out of the metal part of my bumper, and on the drivers side there is a resivor that the tire will hit if I turn all the way to the right. This tire is only 33.4" tall, I don't really think the 315 will fit. Not trying to start...
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    Best lift spindles for a newbie poseur?

    Just for refrence, I have a 04 1500 and I put lift spindles on it, the 4" CST spindles, I don't like to think I'm a poseur, just can't take the company truck and put coilovers on it. I stuffed some 295/75r16s in, the rub just a little with trimming the bumper, I will post some pics of it so you...
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    Allstar/Newline ranger
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    F150 A arms

    The reason I was wondering is because I may be able to aquire a project that has been started with the H&M front end, and it looks beefy and well engineered, just curious what other people had come across. The truck that they built as their TT truck, I don't think they were using this front...
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    Salvage Title

    Wanted to see if anyone knew about removing a salvage title from a vehicle. I seem to remember someone saying that you can have all the work done, and as long as the vehicle is measured and back to factory specs that the DMV can remove the salvage title on the vehicle. Anyone know if this is the...
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    F150 A arms

    Now that this kit has been out there a little while, anyone have longterm test data they want to share? lol
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    F150 A arms

    I know I am pulling up an old thread, but I was looking at H&M's website for the F-150 and they say for their kit it has aluminum upper arms, but all the pics I see are tubular. Has this changed? I seem to remember some pictures of the aluminum arms but can't find them.
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    Just wanted to know if anyone has some extra tickets for the SEMA show that they might be willing to part with. I would be happy to pay for your expense, my uncle works for Flowmaster, and at the last minute he wasn't able to get us enough tickets. PM me if you can help out. Thanks in advance.
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    Pflueger Racing Pit Journal Update

    any history behind the name Atilla?
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    Alumi Craft Pictures Or Web Page

    Out of curiosity, what does that car weigh as it sits, what do you figure it cost, and how come it doesn't look like there is a windshield in there? Nice Car pat
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    2003 Silverado lift?

    I was reading an older issue of truckn', the january 04 issue, and they have a gmc sierra, and they put a lift spindle on the front and like 1 inch blocks in the rear. they said with the lift spindles the truck will clear 31" tires. then they put a set of 18" wheels and 325/60r18 tires on it...