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    New Toyota based Pro Comp Raptor killer!

    KMC has a few 17" wheels with the correct offset. Method doesnt to my understanding. With the 17" wheel you also have to make sure the tire shop puts the wheel weights in a location that doesn't hit the caliper since it's super close to the inside of the wheel. You know how many times we've...
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    New Toyota based Pro Comp Raptor killer!

    Since we're on the discussion of stock width trucks, the key to fitting a larger than 33" tire on the Tundra is using the correct offset wheel. Both KMC and Method offer wheels that have a positive offset of 5.75-6" of backspacing that give you the room needed so most times you dont need to trim...
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    Switch Pros

    little update as I talked to Switch Pros yesterday. They've updated their standard SP8100 now with one external trigger input that can be used to control up to two of the circuits. (ie. temp sender to trigger fans to come on automatically). They are still in the works on the more powerful unit...
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    Coverage - BITD PAHRUMP NUGGET “250”

    Glad to have Pahrump back on the schedule. Always love racing & chasing through small towns and super scenic areas.
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    Off road swap meet

    Thanks @Curt LeDuc , this was our first time at this event and will be coming back. It was great to finally be part of it and unload some good parts we've been holding over the years. I was up for 35 hours straight so I'm feeling it today haha. - Scott @ Camburg
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    PCI Race Radios banned from LOORRS

    Going off what I've read and heard .... just like everyone else here ... When PCI was the "Official Radio" Rugged was not allowed to attend. Now Rugged is the "Official Radio" and PCI is not allowed to attend. So why is keeping a company out only a problem today and not in the past? Am I...
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    Switch Pros

    From my understanding their new system they are working on will have some inputs to trigger functions.
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    Switch Pros

    We've used a few of these for some recent builds we've done. The functionality and simplicity of them are great for the price range they fall into. Great for UTV's, trail rigs and simpler prerunners. Their new stuff if all goes well should break into the more serious prerunner and race market...
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    Justin Park 2015 BWDC 1st place Class 7100 video

    Great video Justin, really dig what you put together after each race... there's many reasons why you have a long laundry list of companies helping you out that you have listed above ... you do an awesome job marketing your team, sponsors, class and the sport of off-road racing. Glad to see the...
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    New Kit Class for Desert Racing

    Never give up mentality of TPF Racing .... @J Prich
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    New Kit Class for Desert Racing

    Congrats on the win Justin !! Here's a shot I got of you on Day 2 at mm18. @ParksHouse Racing - Scott
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    46th SNORE 250

    Never been to that area .. best place to camp? - Scott
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    Southern Arizona Desert Racing.. point to point race SEP. 25-26

    What Kind Of Person Does This? Help a Downed Racer! Help a fellow downed racer from this event.