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    I don't know if Ivan and Ollie have spoken to Ed or not, I have a feeling they haven't. I believe that most of the communication has only been with the C&C Hass guys, but again I don't know.
    Where did you see that?? I didn't know that PBR had really been talking about it. It is a VERY cool truck, we are all very excited about racing it. It is an amazing build for a 7s, the quality is more of what we are used to with Trophy Trucks, or more like a factory backed class 8 truck in the day. We are pretty much finished going through everything after it setting for so long. Had to patch up the fuel cell in a couple of worn spots, and re-build the exhaust from the collector back. Did a leek down and put new valve springs in the motor. We swapped out the alternator for a new style single wire. Only one shock needed to be re-built. Also we will be mounting a 7" GPS. Other than that, I can't wait to go testing to see how it will handle!!! First race should be Parker!!!!
    Seriously? You are going to track me down in another thread and leave bad rep because I left you bad rep for a stupid post over a month ago? Looks like you blasted Harvey for the same thing. Grow up.
    no i gave you negative rep because you are playing favorites... I feel that we need to just close the thread and let this get settled the correct way... Looks like you were favoring Pete, so rather than give the post neg points and have the post get hidden as you say it would prove Greg Foutz dishonest... I feel that Pete wants stuff fixed for free which should not be the case so i dont think Greg is dishonest. he wants to help him out the best way for both parties involved! all of the Pete followers are giving neg rep towards everyone that posts in Gregs favor... it also looks like i am not the only person that feels u r favoring pete
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