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  • Yep, we are racing in July. As long as we dont hurt car too bad in testing. Trying to do a lot of that. Not enough seat time!
    Hey Matt. I wanted to let you know that it looks like me and my brother both have to work this weekend so we won't be able to come out to the poker run. Its rare for me but of course its this weekend. Catch ya later!
    I will be at powder puff with my 94' you can peep the 2000 intake i got on there which gives you all the clearence!
    That would be great! we enjoyed hanging out. What weekend is that? Labor Day? We might be testing too, if so we will hook up.I talked to kyle briefly about plans for the Powder Puff race, I was thinking about setting up a pit for the 9's and 11's. I also just talked to Ben over at wicked and they are going to run his truck and the 11. I got to talk to my brother and see what his plans are but I thought it would be fun to join forces for it.

    hey matt hows it going? we are going out testing in two weeks. our car has been back together just didnt have time to go out. we are going out this weekend to the mdr race in lucerne. we have a friend racing in 1450 class. I'm excited to get our car back out. Lets get together in the desert again. we enjoy hanging out with your family.
    Thanx! Lets keep it going. I gotta build some momentum for the upcoming MORE race!
    Welcome to the darkside! At least the Underground calls it that cause of how many "Victories" we have had!
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