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    LOORRS DVR Alert!

    If you're headed out of town for the holiday, don't forget to set the DVR to record Primm on NBC Sunday 11/29 at 1pm (EST)! Happy Thanksgiving!
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    LOORRS Tivo Alert!

    I believe the first hour is Saturday and the second hour is Sunday.
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    LOORRS Tivo Alert!

    Unlimited 2s,Unlimited 4s & Unlimited Lites from Speedworld are on the Speed Channel tomorrow 11/7 at 3 pm and 4pm (EST). Set the DVR before you head out to the practice at Primm!
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    LOORRS TV Shows

    If you didn't set your DVR for the 2:30 show, be sure to set it for the 4:30 pm or 2:30 am (times are EST) Lucas Oil Unleashed featuring Unlimited and Limited Buggies under the lights at Elsinore on the Outdoor Channel today. New shows are on every Monday through December! Also, don't...
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    **Racer Photo- MORE Powder Puff**

    1010 please! Thanks!
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    LOORRS Buggies from Elsinore on Outdoor Channel today!

    Should be today @ 4:30,7:30 & again at 2:30 AM 10/13 (times are EST), but check your local listings for confirmation. It should be listed as Lucas Oil Unleashed.
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    LOORRS Buggies from Elsinore on Outdoor Channel today!

    Set the DVR! Round 5 Unlimited and Limited Buggy coverage from Lake Elsinore is on the Outdoor Channel today 10/12. Next Monday 10/19 is Round 6. See you at Speedworld!
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    The Official 2009 Powder Puff Thread

    Starting order is up on the MORE site. 193 entries listed!!! If every entry sells just 1 book of raffle tickets that could be almost $39,000 for Cedars Sinai! 6 days to go girls!
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    The Official 2009 Powder Puff Thread

    More donations today from the Ladies of LOORRS!! Stronghold Motorsports is donating $1500 to the cause, Team Associated is donating $250 and a $700 Lucas SC8 RTR Truck to the raffle. Hostyle is also donating several travel bags to raffle as well and we are still working on a couple more...
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    The Official 2009 Powder Puff Thread

    Web Cam just agreed to donate $300 to the cause and another $100 toward BBQ supplies along with some hats/shirts for the raffle too!! Thank you to Laurie Dunlap and Web Cam!!! :D:D
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    The Official 2009 Powder Puff Thread

    Team "Ladies of LOORRS" has just collected another $500 from Trackside Performance and $500 from CMI Precision Machining for the cause! HUGE thank yous to both companies! We've collected $5650 in cash so far and at least that much in raffle prizes! Let's sell some tickets and raise some money...
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    SuperLites, Buggies, & Karts on TV 9/21!

    Be sure to catch all the SuperLite, Buggy, and Kart action from Speedworld on the Outdoor Channel Monday 9/21! Lucas Oil Unleashed is on at 4:00 & 4:30 pm and again at 7:00 & 7:30 pm (EST). Set the DVR!
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    The Official 2009 Powder Puff Thread

    See this thread for the official press release: Lucas Oil Products is donating $2500 + raffle prizes Bully Dog is donating $1000 + raffle prizes Lawson Products is donating raffle prizes Symons Safety is donating an ambulance for...
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    LOORRS Rds 7 & 8 On Speed 8/23!

    Set the Tivo! Rounds 7 & 8 from Lake Elsinore on Speed Channel Sunday 8/23 at 1 pm and 2 pm (EST). Don't miss it!
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    Don't forget to pre-register for LOORRS Elsinore

    Just a reminder that the late fee goes into effect tomorrow at 5 pm for LOORRS Lake Elsinore so be sure to get online and register if you haven't already done so. See you next weekend!