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    Firestone wheels

    Well they are gone,stolen during the week I was working in NM. I was out there at night looking for other parts when I saw them a week later gone and I got to call the sheriff's dept to do a theft report with a long time friend. Hopefully they will be found but I'm not holding my breath.
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    Firestone wheels

    I was digging through storage and found a set of 5 spoke steel 15"x10" Firestone wheels that were on a 71' I purchased 30 years ago. I've searched for any info on them but there aren't even any pics of them I've found so far. Firestone is punched in every wheel along with them being gold with no...
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    Suspension problem :/

    No not yet,after the alignment tech kept complaining about not being able to get all the negative camber out of my front end even with the cams i cut the stock upper a arm mounts off and cleaned the frame up.i ordered a new set of mounts and placed them further out on the frame,im still trying...
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    Chuck Strange.....

    Watching all the old stuff,insane stunts that will never be duplicared just like him.a great person i had the pleasure of knowing and he will never be forgotten.
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    DOT National back order BFG

    I tried to get 35x12.50x15 in February,they had been on back order for a while at that point and some places had even taken them off of thier websites i found after i looked elsewhere.luckily there was an almost new set at the shop otherwise i would still be waiting also.every place i tried it...
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    Anna Nicole - 1993 F150 4x4 Prerunner

    get busy and you can see some under your own truck soon enough and jeffro we need some lifts for some trucks that are coming in the shop next month,are you still slingin lift kits?
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    Oversizing Shock Insert during welding

    kind of off track but if you decide to change the dimension to a larger one you can use shock shims to get the desired width.
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    95 F150 Crew Cab Chaserunner project.

    you cant forget about stickers and promises,argueing helps too.looks good,110 feet long?
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    Building a CNC router???

    we have a ton of servo motors and some of the read scales you may be able to use,the question will be what speed are you going to make the cuts at?servo speed is going to be an issue as well as travel lenghth versus that.
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    full underbody mud flap...

    looks good,and yes spraying off the flap wil be a lot easier then spraying off the rear of the truck as well as less rock damage to everything behind it.anyone behind you is going to hate the extra dust but thats their problem.
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    full underbody mud flap...

    you will like it when you go to work on the truck after using it,what is the make up though?is it a cross ply cotton weave kind of material?most are and work well but make sure to have some above the mounting holes and use more smaller holes and attachment points that stuff is heavy.if its just...
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    so anything further on the theft?i heard some of the stuff was recovered but not all,good luck...

    so anything further on the theft?i heard some of the stuff was recovered but not all,good luck and if you need some help or legs broken let me know im game.
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    Keep down the dust in the shop ???

    you need to have a dust collection assessor come out and look at how everything is run,we did our shop from the beginning and its almost perfect.oneida sells some smaller dust collection units,most are around 5hp and they work great.we just made the switch from running 2 50hp collectors to one...
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    eliminating balljoints on D44 beams..?

    i have always added a plate that goes from the thinnest part of the beam to as close to the lower ball joint as possible,it creates sort of a stress riser at the end of the beam but welding all of the pressed plates together helps also.the straps you added will help under compression but may not...
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    D44 Brake upgrade options

    looking into that tommorow,what calipers are you using with them?at that diameter im thinking wilwood.