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  • So we had some last minute issues before the Puff, and totally missed out on tech at a decent hour. I later realize, stupidly, that you were campin out with us and Tonelli and taking pictures of us all night and day haha. Ill get a calendar or two soon enough, and the girls should be ordering some pictures from the Puff soon. I wish I didnt see the ones from the first road crossing in 1432 though... haha.
    I'll give you my photos from BAP to sell as your own.... It's more fun than giving them away for free, bwahahaha!!! Missed you in primm buddy!
    Thanks but i think the guy i am looking for either doesnt read the forums or hasnt posted anything yet. We got some really good air and i saw a flash so i know someone go it. Thanks though.Nice Pics btw
    Yes as of right now we are scheduled to run the NORRA race and I am working on a couple more BITD races but not on the schedule right now. I will keep ya posted.
    Thanks again

    Mike do you have any photos of 722 from the Baja 1000 ? I went to your web page a did not see any . Thanka Dana Dague
    Sorry Mike I didnt get any of 1765, I was mostly chasing my sister around I didn't have the camera out to much. Did you happen to get any of #1336?
    UHHHH Thats a negative rampart. I'll be fair and you can have the dvd's and I'll let you drive the rc car. haha
    Yeah I will. I think next month. This month is a guy in Afganistan and Trents graduation. I'm going to hold out.
    jajaja Thanks! It was from the Parker race this year when I picked up the Calender and Video from you and Brian! Glad I could put it to use....
    Yo dont forget to vote for Margarita this month and all your buddies. Also dont forget to check on the booty shorts for Dre. Thanks man!
    WOW!!! You picked some great locations & got some amazing shots in San Felipe! Those silt beds were something else...I can still feel them tugging at the bars!!
    I really liked the shots with the flora in the foreground with the bikes coming down the road...great setup!!!
    I would like to purchase 3 shots...sf10_47 - sf10_49, but I don't really want prints, just hi res images files. I'd be willing to pay you for them, no problem, just let me know how much & how to go about it!

    Thanks in advance,
    Kelley DeLoach (249x)
    hey man i really like the pictures you got of me. if i buy one is it possible to be able to save it to my computer?
    LOL you tease!!! So how many other girls do I have to get together before we get a guy calendar!! :D At least you take pictures of sexy trucks and buggies-that's what really matters!! Are you going to Ridgecrest?
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