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  • I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with your racing and car knowledge. You always add good knowledge and insight to the forums.
    interesting response by mr. norman if that's the case mike. thanks for the rep but it was unnecessary. be safe at the 500 and have some fun lad.
    Nimrod, I'm such a dolt around this forum I never think about 'reps'. Just happened to see today that you gave me one last week. I'm late in saying it, but "Thank you" anyway.
    Hey, hows it goin? You told me to get a hold of you when I got down to the SoCal area. I'm down here now, and some what settled in, and want to get involved with the whole Off Road community!
    Hope you, Cam and the rest of the DA are hanging in there. Tough times for sure. Hope to see you at the mill, think my ride just fell through:(
    Hey Nimmy, just read the message. Ford is kind of yanking PMC around right now with raptors. But they can place orders and will give you a great price.
    Borrego in June with all of the crazies........... I must be getting old, 'cuse I think I'd pass on that!!! I've had my share of heat and loco boracho locals. Jajajajaja! Neuvo Jct. in the morning then over to the coast....... that's more my style these days. Perhaps we can meet in contingency some day.
    Yes I'm going to be with "Housewrecker" No pre-running this race (wife is in Europe) but will be there on Thursday for the push through contingency on Friday. Most likely I'll be at a spot in the first 100 race miles and then bolt down to Llano Colorado and Santo Thomas.
    "Well the next step is to run the fan with an electric motor to get rid of the belt drag..................Hummmm............. " Really Nim, I am bummed you think this is how I play.
    man i thought you'd be pretty busy spreading christmas cheer these days... :)

    happy holidays bud, have a safe and fun new years !
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