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    Toyo Desert Challenge Presented by Monster at KOH 2021 - More classes and settling some grudge matches

    Any idea of the mileage for class 11? Open desert racing or short course? What terrain should we expect? Soft,hard,rock etc.
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    Class 11 showdown at 2021 KOH

    We are in Ventura racing 1121
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    first time to battle at primm

    Not my first time in BAP and always the same mess. The casino should made the videos public to find the responsible!
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    Freedom 250

    Ventura 894
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    Ring & Pinions

    I'm ok allowing aftermarket parts but , not open the trans. If we open the trans will push the cars harder and what will be next. Get rid of drums,stock arms ,spindles ?
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    SNORE Class 9 "Motor Claim" rule

    Expensive parts don't make fast motors,they just last longer. In this class you have to find the right setup to make a car fast.
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    Always our pleasure to help someone and the one you have to thank is john Mccoy he drove lap 4 & 5. Glad no one was hurt. Jorge ventura.
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    More 500 2012

    I dont have any problem if you start as a S.S. Jorge Ventura#984
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    they are doing a really good job can be happier and,thanks doug for your help we really appreciate what your guys are doing for us.
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    Open Type 1 Trans for 2012 or 2013?

    Mark, I understand your point. The problem is Who will ensure your open trans will last the whole season. Our trans cost about $1500 and we spent like $350 every time we race. so far two dnf because trans problems, the first was my fault(i get to exited) and the second was lubricasion problem...
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    Open Type 1 Trans for 2012 or 2013?

    with the current rules, some cars/drivers are way faster than others. Imagine a fast driver in a SS with a unlimited buget. how competitive that will be?
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    Unofficial car count

    South of baja have a lot of 9 cars. I don't think all of them will come but they like to race.
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    Holiday 200 In Car of 998

    My brother was driving but, I should discualify you for nerfing. j/k.
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    Thanks for a great season

    FELICIDADES!!!!!!! Bud.
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    my first race in Mexico

    Bryan, just be carefull when yo see a lot of people in one spot that mean there is something. Have some cash whit you all the time, you never know if you will need to buy gas,food or a ride. Always remember, they love american's in Mexico but not american heroes so don't be one and have fun. I...