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    Update Freq List?

    Cool, Thanks!
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    Update Freq List?

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    Need Landcruiser front axle beefed up...

    You can try J&S Gear in Huntington Beach. They have always did good work for me. NT
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    Ford Upper control arms

    I am looking for a little help............... 1998 Ford 4x4 front upper control arms, Does anyone have the dimensions of the OEM (stock) arm? Maybe a PDF drawing? Thanks in advance
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    CV boot straps

    Kinda far from you, but.............Mesa Hose in Costa Mesa Ca. has the Oenticker(sp) brand of clamps in a kit. NT
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    Welder / Fabricator Position

    I would put this in the Classifieds, but I thought this would get it out faster............... NT
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    Need Help?

    Thanks 200MPH. I guess I'm going to follow up with PayPal. NT
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    Need Help?

    NO, no rocks through the window.......... I was trying to see if someone drives past on a regular basis, knows someone that works there, etc. FYI, I live in Huntington Beach, so it would be a drive for me to go there & find out they closed up shop. I have the same contact info you provided...
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    Need Help?

    I'm try to avoid any conflicts between paypal, me & the vendor. But if I need to dispute w/ PP I will. Having the parts would make me happier. Thanks, Tom
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    Need Help?

    Not sure if this is the correct location for this post, Is anyone on the boards familiar with Green Yard Auto recycling in Lakeside? If someone is, or if you live in the area, maybe you can help me out. I sent them Paypal money for a few parts, now the phone just rings, my emails return...
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    LED license plate lights?

    here's a long link, not where I bought mine. Mine have the red & black wires, & are LED. You won't need a larger wire guage. my wire are some what exposed to what comes off of the rear tire, haven't had a problem...
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    LED license plate lights?

    I have these on my dual sport, they work great, plus they keep the cops from bothering me. I bought mine on fleabay, maybe $10 shipped NT
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    Smog Help in San Diego

    I have heard CARB is coming down on the SMOG Shops..... so, you might be SOL on that proposal. I keep a vehicle in Arizona, but reg'd in CA. Go to the DMV web site & look at the statement of facts form. I reg. the truck w/ no smog, because it's outside the state of CA. you also need to find...
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    C4 transmission help wont go forward in ground

    If you already got the trans fixed, excellent. But if you still need help, Talk to Dana Sniff @ Dana Sniff Racing Trans. NT
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    Carburator Company

    X2 for Sean. NT