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    My 94 Ranger needs some help

    Hopefully this is the right place for such a post, but I have a 94 Ranger that has been sitting in a driveway for the last 8 years. Before finding its current resting place it was driven daily. Now I am in need of some services to get this thing back to life. I figured I would post here first...
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    coilover shock part identification

    Ok, that makes sense. The reason I ask is because I was told that tightening my coils would help with my negative camber issue / \. As I tightened the coils the crossover rings sparked my interest. This brings me to my next question. Should I have tightened the coils? Also there seems...
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    coilover shock part identification

    I am sort of new to this and I have a question about a part on my coilover. I was wondering what these "locking nuts" are? If they are locking nuts what are they locking? Are they even called locking nuts? Any info would be great, thanks.
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    Toyota Sells out the offroad community?

    I just did an assignment about this sort of thing for a business class. From the information that I saw and read about, businesses are being out under a lot of pressure to be more “green” with the products the use and the disposal of their old products. I did my report on more electronic based...
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    College paper on Iraq

    Reading through this thread everyone has some good points but here is my two cents. Like Shaun_Kite I am a soldier, right now stationed in Afghanistan but have already done 2 tours in Iraq, and feel that we should have never entered into Iraq, but now that we are there I don’t feel that we can...
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    Favorite Vacation Spots

    I have been traveling around Europe off and on for the last 5 years and these are my top places and why. Warclaw Poland: Cool architecture, great nightlife, cool people, cheap. Parnu Estonia: Most beautiful women and a lot of them, is a port city so looks like fun if you are there in the...
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    Hello my name is Joey

    Hello everyone, I have read through many of these threads before but never joined in. I don't have to much experiance and I am mainly here to gain some extra knowledge and hopefully get some answers to some questions. A little about my self i am from San Diego, but have been away for the...