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  • Hello! Dirt Dames is looking for vehicles and teams that will be involved with the Mint 400; if you have or know anyone interested in a photo shoot prior to the event PLZ email ( Best Racing Wishes!
    Not alot of OT for me. I avoid right now. Been working at Lawrences shop on my days off.
    Hey Richard, It's BUD Ward. I saw your post and had to say whats up. We ended up taking the class 9 race at SNORE Laughlin and the PRO-9 championship, since I started driving my fathers 1600 car we did really well, we had 2 wins and 3 podiums which earned them the MORE 1600 championship. Not too bad of a year for us. Anyway I guess I will see you later, Merry Christmas and happy new year. BUD
    I just realized that weekend is super close to UR bday!! what a great way to spend ur bday weekend!!
    No sweat. We were struggling with service as well. At least we'll all be in the same place in Primm. See you at the Tree Bar!
    We tried calling you at the end of Day #1. We needed a place for a hot shower. It was freakin' silty at our checkpoint!
    Buy a Mac, they are the best... a bit more pricey but it's worth not having the headache of a PC... plus you can use it for your music too :) If you want just a desktop computer and not a laptop you cna get a pretty good deal... even the lap tops are only about a grand right now... an excellent investment!
    o, hey man
    i'd love to see ur truck
    and when u said to level it from the back. did u mean lower it?
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