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  • Ya maybe after new years, 2 weeks until camping trip. Brad is coming down for a week and we are going to finish the jeep, trans, steering box, tire, top etc. then he can drive it out of here. I still have to finish the RZR skins, roof rack and skid plate. And your ranger oil pan, then prep your ranger and my truck for the trip. That doesnt leave anytime for a front end until January.
    Hey you, up here in Vegas and watched your boy Andy pull off another win!!!The race was AWESOME, have a Tshirt and some stickers for you. Bad news, BJ broke and we saw him go by on the trailer. He was driving his new truck, never got to see him drive, he broke down a few miles before he got to us. Next week is MDR at Barstow, yahoo. Thats 3 races in 3 weeks!
    I checked my mail finally, what are the two post you deleted in my box (12/17/08). See you later today, I am going to change tie rod end on Craigs truck this morning before I pick you up. Hope we find some cool stuff at the swap meet!
    wow, im such a lag when it comes to checking on this message board. Your welcome, I am always worried about you when that stuff happens. The new engine is in the trans and speedo updated and the front end rebuilt, that was a lot of work. Leducs swap meet is coming up soon we need to go check it out and see if we can find some shocks for your truck.
    Sounds like a whole lot of serious stuff going on in your head! We will get through it, have in the past. Keep me informed.
    Hey congrats on the school, finals are over and a whole month off wuuhooo! You need to call about your engine and see if they shipped it on Dec 11th like they said they were. So what are you goig to do for a whole month? well 3 weeks! you got an engine to install. I keep reading all the forums and forget to log in thats why I was laggin in returning your mesage. what about your scan you never told me what they found! That bothers me you dont tell me, I want to know whats up. Love ya PAPA Kev
    Hey Ash! cant wait till the 1000. I spent a few hours loading in all the GPS coordinates. Have you heard from Mike and his friends?
    Hi Ash, How are you doing today? How was your new client? 1000 is just around the corner, cant wait.
    No Turbo, just moved it cause it was getting blasted with rocks and brush. Had a friend turbo a couple of them and the motors end up blowing up, cant take it. There is a shop local that will rework the engine so it can handle the turbo, Its around 4000.00 for the mods
    Hey, You have a picture of a RZR with an external radiator.... does it have a turbo or did you move it to prevent damage?
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