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    What's an off road race without a little controversy...

    I know a Racer who was nerfed, was taking off his seatbelt at the time, he now walks with a cane, and no longer can race.
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    Robby gets bested by 20yr Apdaly with consequences

    what happens in a situation like this? Do the police arrest Robbie? Is Robbie liable for the medical bills this dumb a has now?
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    **Do you like racing and testing in Barstow? Better read this...** cut the BLM budget, tell a friend
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    Reduce the BLM budget! I like what he has to say! Pass this on to all outdoor enthusiasts!
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    Attn: 6100 Teams and Participants and who ever it may concern!!

    I bet these would work great in Ultra4
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    Best Duning Suspension for 4 door JK?

    Check out Rebel Off Road they also have a similar kit and I am very happy with my JK rig up
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    Epic Campbell Vs. Lofton from 2014 Bluewater Desert Challenge

    Shannon runs Tire Balls inside his tires, so he does not carry a spare.
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    2014 Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo - Pomona Calif.

    I'm going heard the Rebel Off Road booth with have some cool King of the Hammers cars!
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    Insurance when not racing

    Do you have insurance on your race buggy / car for times when you are not racing. Obviously no insurance other than USAA during a race. I ask as I was turned down by State Farm for any coverage. For example do you have insurance for liability if your out testing in Barstow, and have an...
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    Radiator Overflow or Not

    that is exactly what is happening.
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    Radiator Overflow or Not

    Here is what the original owner said cap is 28psi which will not burp water until 265/270 Degrees. The motor goes into limp mode before it will burp water. Also the radiator is in the back window up high.
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    Radiator Overflow or Not

    the overflow is capped off, there is an aluminum panel between the driver and the radiator if it overheats. I do believe there is excess pressure. When I asked the manufacture they said it is ok not to have an overflow and that the fluid level would find it's balance. Appreciate the feedback...
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    1 pumper vs. 2 pumpers

    2 is better. If one unit with two outlets, when co-driver gets out to change a tire or run winch the Driver looses almost all air as it blows out the open passenger air hose. Thus the driver can get overheated during stops. We run two, one for each and our co-drivers is long enough to go to...
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    Radiator Overflow or Not

    Hi I bought a Ultra 4 Buggy with a LS2 from Turnkey in it. It does not have a radiator overflow. They sealed the port the overflow would normally go to. Do you run an overflow? Is it important to have one? Even if the car doesn't overheat?
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    Governor’s Military Council endorsing the Marine Corps expansion into the Johnson Val

    Re: Governor’s Military Council endorsing the Marine Corps expansion into the Johnson Do give up. I called the governors office today to ask them not take our lands. I explained how most off road parts are made in California and how this takes away half of all public land. Told them I intend...