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  • The car is and the wife is but I'm not. We are also racing the SNORE 250 this weekend. So I get to to thrash it first. The car will be ready for PP though barring something catastrophic. We do have a backup plan so the girls are racing for sure.
    I will be pitting for Reynolds. Talked to his Dad last night. We may however get a wild hair up our ass if our car comes thru Ridgecrest spotless and come woop up on some trucks! That's very iffy right now
    I think you got a photo of our Co at one of last years Ridgecrest races, 7s truck blasting off the wall ending with the lawn dart. Alex was driving the truck for Anderson Bros. racing when the comm. plug diconnected, he couldn't hear the Co telling him to watch the big bump!

    We'd like to have that shot, let me know what your looking for as far as costs so that we can put it on our website. Also, not sure if you were at Parker GP in May but if you got any shot of the TL there I'd like to check those out as well.

    Thanks man, if there is anything I can do to help you guys out please let me know!
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