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    Fuel tank for '97 F250 diesel

    There is a place called Aero Fuel Tanks (Corona) that makes a transfer tank for those things. If you want one that fits under the truck you could have one built over at Devious Customs (Ontaroi, CA) or No Limit Engineering (San Bernardino).
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    Proper welding of 4130

    Max, welcome to the board... you will be an asset to the RDC Community for sure. For those of you who aren't familiar with Max's work, he and his crew build some of the coolest stuff to ever come out of a fabricator's imagination. And Ted, I am just curious who you did work for from NC...
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    RDC Sightings

    Damn straight there is an RDC sticker on my back window! I am a proud lurker and occasional poster on this here board. Funny, I think I use the PM function about 10-times as often as I post on here. RDC is a great resource that a lot of people take for granted. Ensuring that the sticker was...
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    Correcting jump/landing attitude advice

    Ever consider that it might be some sort of driver input? To you flinch or pull back into the seat a certain way that might be sending input through the steering wheel? Or the way you approach the jump when you know that it is coming? It could even be something as simple as a little bit of...
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    SMOG in cali

    Downey should supply you with another sticker if you tell them that you are the one that bought the header. Better yet, you might just be able to get them to e-mail you a copy of the CARB certification. All your smog guy really needs is the certification number to punch into his computer. If he...
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    IMZZ industries?

    Jim did the front suspension on my Toyota and it did take longer than anticipated. But I think that Jim suffers from the same trappings that a lot of shops do when they're taking in work. They never know when it is going to get slow, so they're affraid to tell a customer that they're too busy in...
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    2WD toyota suspension

    I have beat the hell out of my Shitbox Toyota and the Total Chaos kit has held up without even flinching. I have busted wheel studs and wadded up wheel bearings and the TC stuff hasn't ever given me any problems.
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    Driveshaft TV update

    I just wanted to post a note to all of you who helped me find Fabricators for the TV show Driveshaft. The first episode is complete (edited and all) and was a total blast to do. The Southern California off-road community was well represented by some of the cast members on the show. Pat, the...
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    Driveshaft shop in SoCal ??

    I just had a driveshaft built by the Driveshaft Shop in Placentia. They're on Placentia Avenue just north of Crowther. Ray totally hooked me up with a killer deal. Courtney Halowell Editor, StreetTrucks Magazine
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    Toyota Ignition Problem

    I actually loaned the truck to my homie Opie that lives over that way for like a week. That guy is probably the best alignment guy that I have ever met. He was doing the alignment for me -- for free! And if he wants to drive the truck for a couple days while he is waiting for a free hour on the...
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    Toyota Ignition Problem

    Okay, got a cap, rotor, pick up coil and gunna see if any of that fixes it. If not, I'll have to shell out the cash for an ignitor. Thanks for all of the advise and I'm sorry if my name has caused any gender confusion (I am in fact a guy, thanks Gary!). Courtney Halowell Editor, StreetTrucks...
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    Toyota Ignition Problem

    Okay, I have a problem with the ignition system on my Toyota. It is an 88 with a carburetor and it has spark coming out of the coil (though it seems weak) and nothing at the plugs. The cap looks fine, the rotor looks fine and the wires look fine. It was running, I shut it off for a couple...
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    Show your Fab skills on national TV!!!

    I just want to thank everybody that came out to Monster Garage to take the quickie fabrication test for Driveshaft. With guys like AJ & Jesse from the Baja Shop, Maurice and Mike from Off Road Unlimited as well as well as guys like David Tounget, Pepe DeArmas and Costa Gialamas in the running...
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    cooling problems

    Dude, my sh#tbox Toyota did exactly the same thing. It was fine around town, but if I tried to go further than about 20 miles or so on the freeway, it would overheat. I finally figured that it was puking all of the coolant out of the overflow (they caught it on video when we were shooting...
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    HELP! Mud Racing Expert Needed!

    Okay guys and gals, you're probably tired of seeing my posts about Driveshaft, but I have an odd request. We want two experts in the field of mud racing (think stretched out Jeeps and S-10s) or even Sand Drags. If you have some experience in the field, drop me a P.M., send an e-mail to...