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Ol' Curmudgeon
Dec 29, 2004
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The Cloud

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Ol' Curmudgeon

RDC's resident crackpot, from The Cloud

    1. W.White
      Oh yeah im not a morning person lol.Yeah thats a "Wolf Pack"and you dont wanna be on the receiving end of one of those.Google APD and officer related shootings, things are outta control n have been since the 1990's.Its pretty sad but nothing is gonna change until the D.O.J. presses charges.Last night we had one officer involved shooting who's shot missed n a Marshal who's shot hit n killed.
    2. W.White
      Oh n its not a dive at all in fact its a very nice little pub.One of the clues that give it away as Louis Pub n Grill (if it isnt on some Breaking Bad Tour) are the copper tiles on the ceiling lol.But like I said I was there that day so ?
    3. W.White
      I dont know if you read that post before it was deleted, but that was the place (Louies Pub and Grill , Menaul n Alverado) where Mike hit Walter.Walter wanted to off Gustavo and he proposed his idea to Mike...That might be the first time his glasses were broken lol idk? I was there so I know.Stop by your next time through great food n drink food n drink.
    4. BajaFand
      Yes, I hopefully going to make it over on Sunday.
    5. BajaFand
      Sorry, yes that was supposed to go to you. I did something wrong there.
    6. BajaFand
      Well thanks for finally getting back to me on that, I was super concerned about it. Hope you can discern that sarcasm.

      I don't know if this is about our disagreement over the MDR subject, or what it is. Clearly, I'm not the only one who completely disagrees with you there, in fact almost everyone else does. You must have another bone to pick with me. So what is it?
    7. BajaFand
      Who the hell asked you?
    8. arqangel67
      Ol' Curmudgeon, I wanted to thank you for the reps you've given me. You've given me the last two reps I've received. I owe you as I get what your saying and agree most of the time. Thanks again.
    9. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      I did, thanks!
      Just go look at your NBD email account!!!
    12. wheeli
      Thx for the rep mudge,people dont do it much anymore it seems
      In the same fashion that I always thought I was right...I took what you had to say, thought about where I could be wrong and what I could do to improve myself and my interractions....maybe you're willing to take my advice here and take a look at how it is YOU post and present yourself. I only say this to help you better yourself, as you did for me.
      Think of it this way: you know how they always say the old, white Republicans are so "out-of-touch"? That's how you come across to people who aren't accustomed to your methods. I am not "throwing you under the bus" or turning my back on you...but like with the gays thing, I do not agree that there is "blame to go around". I cannot fault MDR or Sloppy for what those individuals chose to do, and that's where I stand!

      Nothin but love for ya buddy, even when we disagree.
      It's nothing personal dude, I hope you know I like you...and I will support what's right, but I cannot hold ANYONE accountable for the ACCIDENT at MDR other than the people who were standing on the race course... If THEY (those who were injured/died) had CHOSEN to spectate from a safe distance, this wouldn't have ever been talked about, other than "Sloppy's epic crash".

      I personally can take the "logic" you deal in, because not only am I used to it, but you helped me understand it...but it alienates others. I mean, if we were discussing quantum physics and nuclear fission, I would expect the level of conversation to be of the highest intellect....but man, it's an off road racing forum. It's viewed as condescending in many instances. I have respect and admiration for you, but your techniques of interracting with others could be, well, simplified a little.
    16. dan200
    17. Ol' Curmudgeon
      Ol' Curmudgeon
      Why did you feel the need to personally attack me, rather than confront the concepts presented? You commit an ad hominem fallacy in doing so.

      (This may help you avoid such failures in the future:

      http://www.cfimichigan.org/images/uploads/pdf/Top20LogicalFallacies-Tikkanen.pdf )

      I've generally enjoyed your posts here and on DR over the years, but am confused as to the above, as well as your reference to a "limerick", when I saw no connection to the term, or its definition, earlier.

      Thanks for the compliment, but it takes little wit to Google a word, even "limerick." ;)

      Plenty of emoticons available::mad::p;):D:o\m/:):(:confused::eek::cool:

      and your favorite: :rolleyes:
    18. sirhk100
      Oh, you win, got me there! Congrats on your wittiness once again! You are the superior one as always! (If I could insert the picture of me rolling my eyes at this point I would...)
    19. sirhk100
      Nice limerick but I prefer to talk in standard every day run of the mill English.
    20. coilover88
      Daryl, we have a place near Pozo but nothing around here comes close to simulating the desert. It's fun but not really valid as a test.
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