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  • I thought I saw you. Saw Mike Williams from Pima County, had not seen him in 20 years. Sorry we didn't get to talk.
    Hi Mike, Iam Greg from Phoenix. I was looking at your post about the old dodge class 8. I built a 76 dodge short bed stepside for the stock truck class for ascc. I was wondering if you could send me some pics of the ft end of that truck. It looks like it is still using the factory strut bars. Iam having promblems with breaking mine and looking for some ideas. Any help would be apreciated as you probably know alot of people dont build this trucks for racing. You can email me at baumerg75@gmail.com. Thanks.
    Hey Mike I just sent a friend request but wanted to introduce myself also, I'm one of the guys that bought your old 78 chevy chassis #1!
    We had a great time and hope to be back for more after we get our drive train sorted out.
    Of course none of us had any prior experience but WOW that thing can eat up the bumps!
    It was just a hoot!
    Good luck with your new build and best regards

    Mike Geier
    DeWinton Alberta
    Mornin' Mike! Know anyone looking for a 1984 GMC 3/4 long bed, 350, 4spd w/ granny, contractors' rack? Runs great, must sell!
    To all my Friends on RDC. I am looking to add "Friends" to my new FaceBook account. Hit me up, under "Mike Doherty"

    I was wondering why you and Nick chose to use the 72 short bed frame? Is there a particular reason why you used that year of frame over other year frames? I'm wanting to build an 8 truck so if you could let me know all the tricks and tips of building one I would really appreciate it!

    Hi Mike, thanks for the friend add. How is your truck coming? I will be at the Whip firebird race in april, I'm probably skipping the mexico race.
    Hi Mike
    As far as the frame notch, the key thing here you posted, is that you noticed this at a BITD race (Parker). I understand BITD lets class 8 do this in their series. SCORE does not. I am totally against the idea. The only thing that separates a class 8 from a TT, is THE FRAME ! I know the frame hinders rear wheel travel, but every SCORE-legal class 8 has to deal with it. SCORE rules state that "NO part of the original stock frame can be removed". I think that the SCORE rule, help class 8 be different from TT's and thier associated cost. Now in the construction of a NEW class 8, you are allowed to "tilt" the frame upward in the rear, instead of notching, but the original rule of using a complete, whole, un-cut frame still applies. Thanks.
    Hey Mike, had a question about your 8 build. At the parker race a noticed about all of the 8 with the rear frame notched for more travel. Some of these notches went all the way through the frame rail thus defeating the purpose of having a frame. Is this legal? Is there inforcement of any kind? Do you plan on notching yours? Mine is without any notch, just a stock frame rail, but I could gain huge amounts of travel with a notch and change ride hieght. Alot of questions just wondered. Hope to see ome more pics of the truck soon!
    About time for your boy to go racing. My oldest is 16 and is driving Sportsman buggies in MORE.
    Hey mike I was wondering why a bunch of people at snowflake thought we bought a new truck. We haven't yet but we are thinking about it.
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