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  • Jim, I forgot to tell you. I made a blog post a while back about what it was being your rookie co-dog. You can read it here. And I promise I'll still get you guys that impact (it's referenced in the blog lol).
    gary hull here, I know you guys are looking for a spot to race and nothing against Bor, but I'm going to go try and race the 2 goldendale race, hopefully the 400 mile Oregon race and try to race the 3 Vorra desert race. Last year went down there and won the night race and it paid $1250 cash with 900 in contigency. Of course there were 12 in my class.
    You know I am just bust'in your chops, right? I only know you are on here because I am on here. "I have people" funny stuff!
    How come everytime I log on to RDC I see OldGreen on here? Don't you have to got to work sometime? Who is doing the prep on the race truck if you are here all the time?
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